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Heat Transfer Foils (TF)
In-Mold Label Foils (IML)
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Special Effect Foils  
  ‧Electroplate Effect Foils
Characteristic: Combine the skill of AL electroplating and printing projects to display the various kinds of designs.
Main Products: Stationery, Cosmestice, and Electric equipments
  ‧Glitter Effect Foils
Characteristic: Glitter effect foils is developed from electroplate effect foils. It make the apparel of products more modeling.
Main Products: House ware and Stationery
  ‧Mat Effect Foils
Characteristic: According to different necessary of printing designs, we makes the whole or partial apparel of products have the effect of lightless.
Main Products: House ware, Stationery, and Cosmestics
  ‧Metallic Effect Foils
Characteristic: Combine the sparkling metallic ink and normal ink to display the shining apparel and make the printing of special colors more wonderful.
Main Products: House ware, Toys, Gifts, Cosmestics, and Electric equipments.
  ‧Pearly Effect Foils
Characteristic: The granule of pearly ink can improve the sense of fashion and the vaule of products.
Main Products: Cosmestics and Stationery.